Collision of Lives: Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson

I hate Christian apologetics. Not because I find it challenging and therefore frustrating, but because I find it absurd and therefore frustrating. Christian apologetics insists that since we make arguments from a reason based in faith, that faith MUST be the Christian faith, which has not been proven. However, the atheist only says that we don’t know what the source of reason is or if there is a “source” at all. Intellectual honesty is admitting that we don’t know that. Sure, I have faith in the capabilities of my reason to bring me to understandings of truth, but this is grounded in a demonstration of my reason forming an understanding of a shared reality I have with fellow human beings. This is vastly different from having faith in one of the many proposed supernatural figures. Atheism starts with what appeals to our physical senses. Religion starts with something that is hypothesized and can’t be tested. I was so blind to this before.