Thoughts on Tim Keller’s Apologetics

Tim Keller makes a lot of sense, and I read his book The Reason for God twice and one of his other books as well when I was still a Christian. He really is the greatest hope Christians have of actually rationalizing with “the world” in a public manner, but when I went back and started reading The Reason for God once I no longer believed, I noticed one thing that never occurred to me as a Christian.

That is, Tim Keller (and every evangelical Christian) places certainty in God as the goal, when there is nothing extra-biblical to suggest we must be certain of such a thing. There is nothing innate about human nature that requires we profess certainty about our beliefs in order to operate as we do, as human beings. It is a notion that interests some people like myself, but there are some who can go their whole lives without even entertaining the notion of a higher power. Tim Keller claims that they are taking a leap of faith and taking on a certain risk by being this way when they really are just working from their default position of not even weighing those matters heavily from the start.

Tim Keller is highly intelligent, but nothing about the books he writes or the speeches he gives offer any valid reason to believe in God. Even for people like me who care, I can’t even jump on board with him to his second rung as he outlines in his speech at Google.

When do apologetics actually start to work for people like myself, particularly as a former apologetic Christian, who really are open and eager to know what is true? I would say probably never, but of course I’m not completely certain of that. :)